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  • # 14 December, 2023

Celebrities Who Own Mobile App & Why You Should Have One Too

Have you ever noticed celebrities doing more than just acting and singing? They are innovating the tech world by launching their apps. These apps are not just side projects. They connect, inspire, and entertain. These apps have something for everyone. But here’s the twist: it’s not just a celebrity thing anymore. Why? 

Let’s explore these celebrity-owned apps and how having one can change your life. 

Celebrity Apps & What They Do?

Hollywood by Kim Kardashian

One of the many apps owned by the Kardashian family is “Hollywood,” owned by Kim. This mobile app is available on both the Play Store and the App Store. It lets players choose a character based on their style. 

This character can be anything from a fashion model to an entrepreneur. Then, this character travels all across the world. From shopping in big malls to clubbing and dining at luxurious hotels, this app offers a seamless experience. 

It lets you connect with interesting people around the globe and allows in-app purchases. Amazing, right?

Daisie by Maisie Williams

Daisie lets artists from all across the world connect and collaborate with each other. It allows people to showcase their portfolios, share work, and collaborate on different projects. 

What makes this app stand out is its feature to communicate directly with the artists all around you. It mainly focuses on industries like fashion, music, photography, and film. 

Learn from experts, find creators, and work on different projects. This app mainly focuses on collaboration instead of competition. 

Ladder by Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Everyone wants to be fit and live a healthy life, right? Ladder is an amazing fitness app that delivers personalized workout and nutritional plans for everyone. 

There are fitness coaches available to assist you in your workouts and nutrition. This app offers membership, and after becoming a member, you’ll get a new workout every week with video demonstrations. You can also shop for gym gear, apparel, and fitness accessories through this app. So, don’t waste more time and keep your health in check with Ladder.

Why You Should Own One Too?

Now, you might be thinking, “That’s great for them, but I’m no celebrity.” The thing is that these apps are not supposed to give fame to their creators. Their main purpose is to connect and inspire. This is what we call “Personal branding.” 

No matter if you’re an artist, an entrepreneur, or someone with a fresh idea, an app can be your platform to engage and grow your audience. It’s about creating a digital space that expresses your voice and vision.

Final Words

We can’t all be Hollywood stars or have millions of followers. But we can connect with people in our way. One such way is through an app. It’s time to take inspiration from these celebrities and convert your app ideas into a digital reality. Reach out to our mobile app developers and build an app around your interests. Let your app be a bridge between you and the world.