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  • # 15 April, 2024

How Much Does An Online Marketplace Development Cost?

Do you find success of eBay, Amazon, Noon, Groupon, Etsy, Walmart, Souq or Ali Baba awe-inspiring and planning to launch your online marketplace website in Dubai, UAE? But do you know, these market leaders didn’t become well known brands overnight in fact they continually invested in their brand to reach this position. Roughly they are all in market from around 20 to 30 years and that is a lot of time indeed.

Online Marketplace Development Cost

For those looking to kick start their own online marketplace in Dubai, the looming question of cost is likely top of their mind. While the final price tag depends on the specific features and functionalities of online marketplace but rough estimation can be provided based on previous online marketplace development projects.  Starting an online marketplace in Dubai typically requires an investment ranging from AED 5,000 to AED 120,000. While the final project cost may fluctuate based on website structure, this estimation will help you to be in line with the given estimate.

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As researchers predict online ecommerce sales to soar past $9.2 billion by 2026 in UAE only, therefore this is a great opportunity for you to establish your online marketplace business in UAE. Furthermore, online marketplaces should be launched with a strategic focus on fulfilling both buyer’s and seller’s needs. If you have a favorite online marketplace website, you can note down the features that you want in your website. If you will approach online marketplace development company with a proper brief, you will be able to get the nearest estimate.

There’s a wide array of ready-made online marketplace solutions available in the market that can be customized to your needs so instead of starting online marketplace from ground up, consider customizing these pre-built solutions to meet your specific needs, you can hire a specialty web development company to do this work for you. This strategy not only saves on costs and time but also allows you to quickly start your online business. The development of online marketplaces requires a service of designers, frontend developers, and backend developers.

Despite the frequent comparison between online marketplace websites and ecommerce platforms, the online marketplace business model is different and usually much less risky. If you will start an online marketplace you will not need to invest in products and inventory yourself. Instead, you can work with various sellers, by asking them to create profiles on your platform and sell their products. Marketing is where you will need to spend most of your time and budget.

As the main topic of discussion in this article is the expenses related to online marketplace development, I’ll avoid giving into details of online marketplace working models, business models and features. I respect the value of your time and am focused on providing you with a direct answer to your query. So if you are looking to start your online marketplace in Dubai set aside a budget of over AED 5,000 for its development.