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  • # 20 April, 2024

How Much Does Digital Marketing Cost in Dubai?

Wondering about digital marketing costs in Dubai? Every business requires digital marketing, but not every business and industry is the same. The competition level and industry norms differ. The digital marketing strategies that work well in one industry might not be effective in another. For instance, CBD and cigar marketing practices differ from real estate marketing; it’s not permitted to run ads about cigars through Google or Facebook. Hence, the exact digital marketing service cost can only be calculated with full information in hand.

However, the average cost of digital marketing services in Dubai ranges between AED 10,000 to AED 50,000 per month, the cost may vary depending on the required services, target market, and the size of the agency.

Digital marketing is a combination of multiple services; you need to clearly have in mind which services you require before getting a quotation. With a proper understanding of the required services, you will be able to precisely brief the digital marketing agency and get information on how much the agency is going to charge you for those services. When it comes to budgeting correctly it is necessary to have all information. The rule of digital marketing is that businesses that spend more usually get more business; it’s akin to adding more sugar for better sweetness. Shying away from spending on digital marketing can always backfire, so you must not hinder your business from growing.

Not only are there a number of service that comes in digital marketing, but there are also handful of different pricing structures that you might want to know about.

Hourly Work: There are some digital marketing agencies that charge by hourly rates. The charges depend on the hours of work the agency allocates to your project.

By Project: Some digital marketing agencies in Dubai charge based on the project, meaning one flat fee for the entire project, mostly with 50% upfront and 50% upon completion.

Monthly Cost: Most agencies in Dubai will charge a monthly fee for digital marketing services. They provide you with a proposal outlining all the tasks they will perform monthly.

Results-Based: Very few companies work on this model. They may charge per lead or per KPI basis, meaning you will need to pay for the number of leads generated.

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