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  • # 23 February, 2024

How Much Does Mobile App Development Cost in Dubai, UAE?

Mobile app development cost can vary depending on the client app need and the features that one needs in the mobile app. In United Arab Emirates typically app development cost from AED 30,000 to AED 180000. Are you interested in developing a mobile app? Before you start evaluating mobile app development companies, make sure you have this much budget with you. If you are unsure why it cost this much, then read on!

Mobile apps are those awesome tiny shiny programs you find in Appstore or Playstore, download onto your smartphone or tablet to play games, check the weather, call a taxi, order food or even chat with your friends. These are just a handful of the apps’ purposes stated; in actuality, there are a ton of apps available that are of various types and offer various functionality. You will find many apps for for dating, hotels, travel, banking and the list goes on. However, given the variety of app types available, it is hard to estimate the cost of app development without first understanding the kind of app, its intended use, its features, and a host of other factors. At Coding Pixel, we are experts in developing apps for both iOS and Android platforms, if you need price estimation do contact us.

Cost of Mobile App Development in Dubai?

The mobile app development in general cost 30k AED to 180k AED based on its type. It’s easily understood that more complex apps cost more than simpler ones. If you want a basic app that does just simple things like turn on the TV, it might not cost much. However, the cost may increase if you want a highly advanced app with loads of features such as VR, or social networking.. The number of man-hours needed to code the app affects the cost of developing a mobile app as well. If you’re considering starting your app, it’s essential to have enough budget so you don’t get stuck in deadlock in the midway of the project.

Well, in Dubai, many app development companies like Coding Pixel are good at making these apps. These companies have super-smart mobile app developers working with them who know how to take an idea and turn it into a real app that you can use on your phone! making an app takes time and effort. The developers have to work hard to write the code and make sure everything works perfectly. The more time and effort they put in, the more it might cost.

However, it’s important to remember that although app development can be costly, a successful app can generate good revenue. Popular food apps with millions of users, for instance, charge restaurants for orders and make money through ads and in-app purchases. Therefore, don’t let the expense discourage you from developing your innovative app idea. Go for it—your app could be the next big success story.