• # Sheikh Aziz
  • # 26 January, 2024

Why Custom Illustrations for Websites?

Think of the Internet as an ever-expanding universe. Did you know that there are currently 200 million active websites in the world? And that’s almost just 20% of the total!

In this ocean of websites, how do you ensure that you stand out? How do you deliver the best of the best, make your audience stay, and actually make a ground-shaking digital impact? 

While there are many stepping stones and tactics to help you get to the top, today’s goal is to understand why your website needs custom websites and illustrations.

Let’s start with the basics

Why is it Important?

You must already be aware of how graphics and images add a visual interest and help break up big chunks of text to make the website look more appealing. While using stock images may seem like the easy way out, consider these benefits instead: 

  • Similar to other aspects of your brand identity, custom graphics and images can make your brand stand out. You can get illustrations tailored fit to the brands vision. Customized graphics can help your viewers spot you from many digital miles away. For instance if you are using a shopify theme probably thousand of other companies be using that theme, what will differentiate you a custom shopify website developed by our shopify designers in Dubai or unique images and photography for website.
  • Who wants to read a big boring text book with no images? Not us! Just like that, website visitors also find custom illustrations interesting and memorable. So, if you want to send a message across that will stay memorable, this is it.  
  • Custom illustrations make your website appear to be more cohesive and consistent. Ensure that your illustrations have the a unified visual identity using similar style and color pallete that you can carry throughout your website, marketing materials and even social media. 

How to Use Illustrations More Effectively? 

While that was all theory, what would you need to do to effectively implement and use custom graphics in your web design? 

Following are some skills and practical tips you need to understand.  

Picking a Unique Style

In a world of 200 million websites, not only should you pick a unique style of illustrations, but also stick to it. Your custom graphics should resonate with your brand. 

If you are a small business with a young audience you might want to go for colorful, cartoon-like graphics with playful and whimsical images. 

On the other hand, if you are going for the more minimalistic approach, consider more sophisticated graphics that are more muted and monochrome. 

Accessibility and SEO 

To enhance the accessibility and SEO of illustrations on your website, make sure to add alt texts and descriptive captions for readers to comprehend and understand them. Another thing to be careful about is file size, and using correct compression techniques — this helps images develop quickly when a visitor is scrolling through. 

Final Note

Experimentation is the key to success when it comes to seeing what works and doesn’t for your website. Consider using custom images to see how your audience responds to it. Adding a unique touch to your website allows people to feel more connected, making your brand more memorable and attractive.